Sunday, 3 March 2013

Joomla Website Maintenance Services

Website maintenance service is one of the important aspect of each and every website. Once after the website is developed in order to get the website going one smoothly without any error Joomla website Maintenance service is needed.

Joomla maintenance service include: 

- Part, Module and plugin redesigns
- Bug fixes
- Joomla portal development
- Multifaceted support alternatives
- Support through phone, VOIP, Instant Messenger, Online Chat, Support Forums, Support Tickets
- Testing after each alter
- Full Monthly Backup copy of your website
- Monthly, nitty gritty invoicing
- Friendly, personal services!
- Products updates and additions
- Joomla Websites design to timetable or occasions
- Include breaking news or upcoming news
- Include photographs, graphics, charts and diagrams

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